Munger Place Organizations

Texas' Largest Prairie Style Residential Community

Munger Place Historic District Association

The Munger Place Historic District Association, a section 501(c) 4 non-profit organization, whose goal and mission is to preserve the architectural integrity of Munger Place. MPHDA sponsors an annual Tour of Homes and other events throughout the year aimed at making Munger Place a community not just a place to live! The MPHDA holds quarterly General Sessions to discuss issues affecting the Historic District and Association business matters. Membership is voluntary and is available only to homeowners residing in the Munger Place Historic District.

Munger Place Alliance Against Crime

Munger Place is located in an urban setting. Separate and distinct from the Munger Place Historic District Association, they have partnered with the city of Dallas and created the Munger Place Alliance Against Crime, a section 501(b) 4 organization. The MPAAC was formed in the early 1990s to ensure the safety of its residents and their property. Membership to the Alliance is voluntary and open to all residents of Munger Place for an annual fee.

Neither organization is required, but both are appreciated.